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10% OFF on drinks and fine dining at Ziggy's!

Once you have booked and paid your coupons you will be emailed a voucher for the entire amount. The total amount will be credited to your room. Each time you order at Ziggy's, the bill will be charged to your room. You can check your remaining credit anytime at front desk.

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Ziggys Restaurant

If you want to add more credit during your stay, you can buy as many coupons as you wish online.

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Coupons cost $10 Usd and have an $11 usd value.

What our guests say

  • Very friendly staff, both on the reception as in the restaurant - they really take care of you! Probably on the nicest part of the Tulum beach with lots of palm trees. Franz F, Frankfurt

  • A five The Beach Tulum Hotel is a delightful place to stay on one of the most beautiful sections of beach on the Mayan Riviera. Surely on of the finest Tulum Hotels. Marian R Newton, Massachusetts

  • In so many words, STAY HERE. 5 stars isn't enough... RG-USA