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23 Nov 2018

Are you looking for the best place to spend Christmas in Mexico? Tulum is the answer! This spectacular jewel of blue sea and architectural remains is appreciated worldwide for its intense beauty throughout the whole year, and Christmas has to be included among the best times you can choose for your vacation in the area.

So, if you’re planning to give yourself a break this year and you just want to spend Christmas in one of the most breathtaking locations in the world, choose Tulum and you’ll enjoy the most incredible tropical getaway, the gorgeous Caribbean coastline and amazing temperatures around 75 degrees throughout December.

Tulum is definitely the best place to spend Christmas in Mexico because there is so much you can see, so much you can do, so much you can experience.


The best place to spend Christmas in Mexico? Here is what you can do in Tulum!

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting events you can partake in while you enjoy your Christmas stay in Tulum, Mexico:

  • Las Posadas: this is one of the most appreciated Mexican traditions, and they take place each year around December 12 to 24. It is like a huge Christmas street party with large parades filled with dancing and singing revelers. It is also the perfect occasion to enjoy the amazing products sold by the many vendors positioned along the streets: from beautiful necklaces to delicious street food. A must try are Tamales, atole and various types of ponche.
  • Christmas Eve: Tulum is the best place to spend Christmas in Mexico because its celebrations on December 24 really are magnificent. The festivities begin after the late night mass, at midnight, where visitors from all over the world are welcome – no matter their religion. After mass, the entire city starts buzzing with parties, many restaurants stay open throughout the night and drinks are especially enjoyable. The special drink for Christmas Eve is hot-spiced spirit, or the very Mexican Noche Buena beer. Did you know that Nochebuenas – poinsettias in English, which have become a symbol for Christmas worldwide, are native to Mexico?
  • Christmas Dinner: several restaurants in Tulum will be open for the occasion and, typically, they will offer you some local holiday favorites in addition to the traditional holiday meal.
  • New Year’s Eve: if you are planning to stay in Tulum up until the New Year’s celebrations, remember that this festive night of the year is celebrated much the same in Mexico as it is in the United States, and that means partying all night. The main difference is that you will be surrounded by the spectacular Caribbean panoramas, enjoying your perfect tropical vacations, feet in the sand!


Are you ready to spend Christmas in Mexico? The many beauties of Tulum are waiting for you!

09 Mar 2018

Playing golf in Tulum and along the Riviera Maya is a magnificent opportunity to live a real full immersion in one of the most beautiful sceneries in the world, all the while practicing your favorite sport.

The entire Riviera Maya area, currently more renowned than the once worldwide famous Cancun, guarantees a laid-back and fascinating appeal that is perfect for a concentration sport such as golf. And especially because Tulum’s panoramic scenes are just so wonderful, no athlete would ever miss the chance to experience golf in this otherworldly beautiful territory in Mexico.

There are certainly several golf options in the Riviera Maya for golf lovers and what is even better is that they are all unmatched anywhere. Can you imagine what it will feel like to focus on your next move while you walk among some of the most beautiful Mayan sceneries in the world?

And then, after you spend some unforgettable hours golfing and challenging this culturally intense terrain, you will definitely want to dip into a swimming pool or – even better! – the Caribbean sea.

Of course, golf is not a sport that is indigenous of Mexico, and yet in the last years several offers related to this sport have found their place in Tulum and its surroundings. Why? The answer is simple, and we are sure you already know what it is: golf is about intuition but also sensorial beauty, and no place in the world can guarantee that more than the Riviera Maya.

According to Jim Kerr at, “Golf in Mexico has traditionally been a passion of the wealthy upper class, played on private courses located near large urban centers such as Mexico City, where the first golf club in the country opened in the suburb of San Pedro de los Pinos in 1905. It took tourism, specifically along the Pacific Coast and Baja Peninsula, to dramatically pick up the pace of course construction during the past 20 years. When Cancun was launched, golf was a natural addition to the east coast as well, although the limestone terrain, marshy landscape, jungle foliage, salt water intrusion, heat and other elements presented challenges that only 20th century technology could feasibly and economically overcome. Indigenous ruins were another sensitive issue. The area is filled with Mayan excavations, burial centers, cenotes, and abandoned population sites. In keeping with Mexican tradition and conservation policies, courses were built around untouched ruins, incorporating the natural surroundings. This often means coatis, lizards and birds have the right-of-way, and their natural habitat of jungle and lagoons are part of the scenery.”

And that’s the point: golf in the Riviera Maya and Tulum is a super-unique experience. Not only you will find several professional terrains and courses, but in each and every one of them you won’t fail to notice the perfect synergy between “man-made” constructions and natural resources. Respecting the environment is considered especially important in Tulum, and the complete fusion with the natural resources of the area is what makes this Mexican territory one of the most preferred by golf lovers from every corner of the world.

Plus, it has to be said that playing golf in the Riviera Maya also means getting in touch with magnificent golf courses designed by famous, seasoned professionals such as Robert Trent Jones II, Greg Norman, Tom Fazio and Robert Von Hagge. They all have taken up the challenge of giving birth to spectacular, unforgettable and unique golf course by respecting two “simple” conditions. The first one: designing a terrain that can be enjoyed both by professionals and simple golf lovers. The second one: keep the environment in its pristine conditions.

Are you ready to start? Contact us now to find out more about golf courses in Tulum!

09 Mar 2018

Are you wondering if, for your holiday in Tulum, you should stay at the beach or in town? Look no further: we can give you the best insights to make up your mind.

What is necessary to say is that the Tulum area is magnificent throughout, and that the relative closeness of the most beautiful sights in the territory will allow you to move around comfortably, no matter where you will decide to stay.

That said, why not experience your vacation by staying at the best hotel in Tulum?

The Beach Tulum Hotel will give you the chance to pick from 28 different beachfront rooms, all with fabulous amenities and all characterized by an eco-friendly and upscale style. Our hotel is perfect not only as your headquarters to easily reach the most intriguing sites in the area but also as the accommodation for your vacation and or honeymoon.

By staying at The Beach Tulum Hotel you will have at your complete disposal all the luxury services you deserve but also a unique beachfront accommodation, right on the sandy beach of one of the most beautiful areas in Mexico. We have designed our hotel like a small upscale boutique for each and every one of our guests, but also as a starting point for many activities, tours and attractions throughout the area. By choosing The Beach Tulum Hotel for your stay in Tulum, you will basically experience the environmental majesty of the place by living directly in the Riviera Maya, a real natural wonder with its more than 70 miles of sandy beaches facing the deep blue Mexican Caribbean sea.

Water activities, visits to archaeological sites appreciated worldwide and specific tours in the surroundings are easy, comfortable and practical from our hotel!

Tulum, in terms of town, is mainly a touristic place where you can buy some beautiful souvenirs and eat something in one of the several restaurants: that’s why basically everyone prefers an accommodation directly located on the beach, opting to go to town just every now and then. The city is safe and typical, yet what is absolutely stunning in the area is its natural resources.

All in all, both in town and on the beach you will experience the comfort and tranquility of a quiet, peaceful and serene type of holiday: just perfect if you need to leave the stress of your everyday running behind your back, at least for a little while.

In conclusion, our suggestion is to definitely opt for the beach when it comes to your primary accommodation, and to comfortably visit town whenever you feel like it.

Happy holidays!


09 Mar 2018

The best place to stay in Mexico for couples, but also for families and single travellers is definitely Tulum – one of the most fascinating and seducing places in the world. Tulum is not only worldwide famous for its amazing Mayan ruins, but also for its breathtaking shores, incredibly blue sea and spectacular sandy beaches.

If you’re looking for the best place to stay in Mexico, Tulum is the perfect choice especially if you want to try snorkeling at one of the several cenotes – the famous subterranean swimming holes in the area – or enjoy a canal trip through the mesmerizing Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve.

There are many things that you can do during your vacation in Tulum and that’s the reason why this territory is listed as one of best places to stay in Mexico. El Gran Cenote, for example, is definitely a place that shouldn’t be missed: considered sacred waters by the Mayans, this cenote is possibly one of the most beautiful places in the world for swimming and diving, for snorkeling and observing fascinating natural wonders such as geological features, stalagmites, stalactites. Just imagine diving there with your loved one! Isn’t it a wonderful reverie?

El Gran Cenote is located only 20 miles outside of Tulum and our suggestion is to arrive early, in order to fully experience the magical atmosphere of this unforgettable place.

The Tulum ruins are also another sight that makes this area the best place to stay in Mexico. They are, in fact, the source of Tulum’s popularity because they represent one of the most famous Mayan archaeological sites along the well-known Riviera Maya. The ruins sit on a patch of rocky coastline not far away from Tulum’s downtown and include several temples and castles from the pre-Colombian Mayans. If you’re planning your holiday in Tulum, this is certainly one of the places you want to visit before you leave.

And again, if you love archaeology, you won’t miss the chance to visit the just as famous Cobá Ruins, located about 30 miles inland from Tulum and considered among some of the most interesting Mayan ruins in the country. The area offers an authentic glimpse of this ancient population and its fascinating traditions, and will immediately give you a feeling of complete authenticity and realism. You will love the Grand Pyramid, the top attraction of this site, with its accessible top via a daunting climb-up of about 120 steps. That’s why you don’t have to forget your trekking shoes if you’re planning a visit to Cobá Ruins!

Finally, a special mention goes to Sian Ka’an, one of the best biosphere reserves in the world and definitely in the first positions of the sights that make Tulum the best place to stay in Mexico. This area, one of the largest in the country and a UNESCO World Heritage Site covers more than 650 thousand acres of coastal jungle and about 20% of the state of Quintana Roo’s land. Can you imagine? It’s like heaven on Earth!

By visiting Sian Ka’an you will have the chance to immerse yourself in what is still consider pure, virgin wilderness. The place is also home and sanctuary to countless species of tropical flora and fauna: the jaguar is only one of the many protected species living here, but you will also observe dolphins and, if you’re especially lucky, even spot some majestic manatees. Needless to say, Sian Ka’an is also famous for its coral reef that runs the length of the area: everything is vital and lively here, both above and underwater.

Book now your room at our hotel and fully enjoy Tulum, the best place to stay in Mexico for couples, families or single travellers.

We’ll be waiting for you.


20 Oct 2017

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Mexico is an ideal place for a relaxant vacation as for party and the fun.

CarnivalThe Carnival takes place the week before Ash Wednesday (dates vary from year to year). The dates for Carnival 2013 are right around the same time as Valentine’s Day this year with activities between the date range of February15th to 21st.

One month before the Carnival’s days, the Queen of the carnival is elected, and from that moment Mexicans begin the preparations. The people start to embellishing the roads and making suits of every kind… And than the Mexican Carnival arrive!An explosion of lights, colors and music complete this country full of culture and traditions. Bands of all kinds play the infectious rhythms of Mexico.

The Mexico Carnival (or carnival in Spanish) is celebrated exuberantly with parades, floats, costumes, music and dancing in the streets. The roads are filled of magic, people are friendly and they all joking and singing together, laughing and dressing by garish and vivacious colors, toasting and celebrating the “Mexico Carnaval”!

Fireworks illuminate the sky of the Mexico creating even more a magic atmosphere! Delicious sweets of honey, cakes and typical foods of Mexico are on stands along the roads. So, is an amazing party, one of those parties that during the year make people fell good, happy and alive! Though celebrations vary by destination; the biggest Mexico Carnivals usually begin with the “Quema del Mal Humor”, or “Burning of ill humor” as a symbol of happiness and carefree during these days.

Carnival Playa del CarmenThe biggest Carnival Mexico celebrations and the largest “fiestas” take place in Veracruz, Cozumel and Mazatlan, but other celebrations take place throughout the country.


Here below some suggestions and travel tips for the biggest Carnival spots in Mexico!


Colorful and lively, Veracruz lies on Mexico’s East Coast. Distinguished by its zest for life that is evident in dancing couples, music, and exuberant street activity, Veracruz is filled of happy people during the Carnival season, when many tourists and Mexican nationals flock to the city to join the fiesta!

No other parade or Carnival comes close to what the historic Port of Veracruz Mexico has done every year since 1923. Visitors pack the streets and Veracruz hotels, those without rooms live out of their cars… but are not your case….Reserve the Hotel in Veracruz and enjoy the Party!


Mazatlan, located in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, is now one of the major Mexico tourist destinations!

The Mazatlan Carnival began over 100 years ago becoming now in one of the world’s largest celebrations during the year, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists. Mazatlan is a marvelous Mexico destination full of nature, culture, splendid beaches! Mazatlan hotels and resorts has all the comfort for spend unforgettable Mexico vacations. Enjoy the Mazatlan’s Carnival, the most beautiful and happy party of the year!


It’s one of Mexico’s top scuba diving vacation destinations in Mexico, but is also home to one of the most popular Carnival celebrations in the Mexican Caribbean. It happens at the peak of high season when the weather is at its finest. As always it’s a delight to see the magnificent costumes, dancing and fun during the parades of Cozumel. From the room of your Cozumel Hotel you will heard a mixture of calypso, reggae, flamingo and pop music, each distinct but blending into a cultural mix like the people of Cozumel.

Children are a big part of the celebration, so if you are looking for a Mexico Family vacation, that’s the destination you were looking for.
Don’t miss Carnival 2013 during your next Mexico vacation! The Staff of our Tulum Hotel will be glad assist you in organizing everything.

20 Oct 2017

The Riviera Maya is best known for gorgeous white sand beaches, wonderful snorkeling and diving, Mayan ruins, and a wide variety of exciting activities. In November, there is yet another reason for visiting this tropical paradise and it’s called the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival.

Past jazz festivals have been enjoyed by 50,000 lucky people who were entertained by the music of Sergio Mendes, Al Jarreau, Herbie Hancock, and other talented artists.

Jazz Riviera Maya

This year, lucky folks staying at Tulum hotels from November 25th to November 28th will have the chance to listen to wonderful music by Al Di Meola, George Duke, The Manhattan Transfer, and other jazz greats.

JazzThe party happens just outside of beautiful Playa del Carmen, a Riviera Maya hotspot just an hour’s drive north from the quiet, lovely beaches at Tulum. The music and fun atmosphere of the jazz festival will make a great day trip from the Tulum area whether you happen to be enjoying a honeymoon at an exclusive boutique Tulum Hotel, or just vacationing in the area to relax and take in the soothing sites and sounds of this tropical paradise.

This world class jazz festival makes a fitting end to an afternoon of relaxation on the beach or an exciting day of trips to majestic ruins like Coba and Chichen Itza.

Book your stay for the jazz festival now at The Beach Tulum Hotel!

20 Oct 2017

While each year Tulum Beach grows in popularity, the area still boasts wildly beautiful, unspoiled jungle and beaches, with many Tulum hotels doing their best to preserve the area’s natural resources. Along the Riviera Maya coast, however, touristic development has unavoidably caused displacement of local species, including spider monkeys.

Fortunately, there is The Jungle Place, a spider monkey conservancy located in the jungle between Tulum and Playa del Carmen, near a small town called Chemuyil. This sanctuary, started by ex-pats who retired to the area in 1999 looking for a quiet life, provides shelter and care for over 50 spider monkeys, most of which are the products of illegal pet traders who sell them to “owners” who are uneducated about the needs of such wild animals and find they do not make good pets. Thereafter, the monkeys are mistreated, malnourished, and kept chained in deplorable conditions. The Jungle Place founders indicate there are hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of spider monkeys in the area living such sad and unnatural lives.

The Jungle Place offers orphaned spider monkeys (most of whom never learned how to live in the wild) the best possible life available to them in their natural habitat, as well as proper nutrition, expert medical care, and individualized attention, care, and love.

To fund this project, The Jungle Place relies on donations and also offers limited, by-reservation-only tours of the sanctuary, with strict rules to ensure the monkeys’ safety and well-being. The sanctuary is not open to the general public and does not allow walk-in or drop by visits.

Gallery photos of visitors to The Jungle Place show that the human emotional experience of interacting with these lively animals is an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Beach Tulum hotel visitors can support this project by reserving their tours in advance by contacting:

The Beach Tulum hotel organize, for GUESTS only, day trip to The Jungle Spider Monkey Sanctuary.
20 Oct 2017

Tulum, the Riviera Maya’s crowning jewel, has rapidly grown in popularity not just because of its stunning beaches, but also because of its reputation as a Mecca for those seeking spiritual and physical balance through Yoga and other health-restorative practices.

The Beach Tulum

Yoga, the ancient Indian tradition, encompasses many different types of practice, all of which are designed to promote self-actualization and healing through peace of mind and connection with one’s true self. All along the beach road, visitors to the area will find Tulum hotels and independent yoga studios offering various yoga classes or even workshops/retreats for those in search of personal well-being. Yoga unites body and mind; many consider a regular Yoga practice to be not just an exercise program, but also a powerful form of meditation.

RooftopAIn addition to Tulum’s strong Yoga presence, tourists and locals alike can take good care of themselves by visiting one of the area’s many spas, for massage, body scrubs or wraps, and even spiritual chakra cleansings, reiki healing, or temazcal experiences. Most Tulum Massage therapists include organic, all natural massage oils or Mayan clay in their massages, and many therapists or spiritual healers incorporate into their services or ceremonies a traditional incense called Copal, an aromatic tree resin that was sacred to pre-Columbian Mesoamericans and is still important to many of today’s indigenous people in Mexico.

If you’re interested in aligning your chakras, getting in touch with your inner child, pampering yourself with massage or spa treatments, or simply want to perfect your down dog, reach out to the reception staff at The Beach Tulum Hotel they can get you on the road to wellness before you can say “Namaste”.

20 Oct 2017
The Beach Tulum tripadvisor

Trip Advisor has become the top travel site in the world. It’s tough not to make use of this helpful site when planning trips to just about anywhere on the planet because it allows us to get the “inside scoop” on accommodations, tours, and other travel activities. Since we can see what other people have to say about the actual appearance of a hotel, the cleanliness of the rooms, and the degree of service, visitors to the Trip Advisor site feel as if they are getting a more accurate, detailed perspective than the information on the hotel’s own website. Travelers can make better decisions based on what others have to say and the more people who talk about the place in question, the more accurate the assessment of the hotel.

In this sense, Tripadvisor has been a great help for both guests and hotels because potential guests know what to expect and the advantages of the hotel are showcased. In the case of The Beach Tulum Hotel, we have been very pleased to see our hotel making it onto the Tripadvisor list of the top 25 best small hotels in Mexico. We believe that this is an accurate reflection of the attention we have placed on detail and the efforts we have made to provide guests with spotless, beautiful rooms on the gorgeous Riviera Maya.

The high ranking on Tripadvisor also lets us know that we are meeting our main goal; offering accommodation and service of the highest quality to visitors who include Tulum on their itineraries.

To see why so many people are talking about our Tulum hotel, make your reservation today.

20 Oct 2017

For many Northerners, winter is the season for bundling up and staying inside. Down here in Caribbean Mexico, however, winter’s the time of the year many people look most forward to, with mild temps and sunny days. We’re not saying our winter’s better than your winter, it’s just a different experience. For those of you considering a stay in a Tulum hotel this season, we’ve put together a handy side-by-side comparison of Winter There vs. Winter Here:

The Beach Tulum

There are great things to be said about Winter, both up North and down South. You can have the best of both worlds by booking your stay in Tulum hotels now, for a sunny tropical vacation in the middle of winter.