CenoteFor the Maya, the underworld has always been quite real and quite close. This is because the Yucatan Peninsula, and especially the Riviera Maya, contains a world just underneath its surface. Underground rivers run through cave complexes throughout the area, cutting their way through soluble limestone.

When the ceiling of one of these underground chambers collapses, Mexico’s surface world and its underworld meet. Today we call these sites “cenotes”, a word that comes from the Yucatec Maya word for “well.” These were the ancient Maya’s main source of fresh water. The Maya also viewed them as sacred, as portals to the realm of the gods. Some Maya farmers still venerate the rain god Chaak, who they believe lives in cenotes.

CenotesStepping into one of these caverns for yourself lapped by fresh, running water below, surrounded by underground foliage and enclosed by a stone dome above, illuminated by a small patch of sky. It’s easy to see why one would think this was closer to where the gods live.

One of the most stunning cenote is Dos Ojos, which is only a 15 minute drive from Beach Tulum Hotel or el “Gran Cenote”, which is only 3km from Tulum and could be reached even by bicycle. These two cenote are perfect for snorkeling or just for swimming. Although the water temperature is always between 25°C- 26°C, it is recommendable to wear a wet suit.

Buceo en CenotesCasa Cenote is an open cenote and perfect for a refreshing jump or for dive beginners. It really does not matter which cenote you will choose, on your next trip to The Beach Tulum Hotel because all cenote are natural marvels, and a true treasure of Mexico. You owe it to yourself to see these strange and beautiful sites while visiting the Yucatan.