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Delicious organic food Restaurant

Take time to do what makes your soul happy! As a client said, “pleasant to the eye and the taste-buds”. 

Welcome to Fresco’s, your health food option for breakfast or lunch. Color, taste, texture and creativity in all our recipes. Join us for breakfast, lunch or an informal dinner. 

Gluten and dairy allergy friendly, vegetarian and vegan options.


One more option for your included breakfast while you stay at The Beach Tulum.

Fresco’s menu includes homemade bread and jams, oatmeal with fruits, avocado toast and sandwiches. Freshly made pancakes with fresh fruits, refreshing and healthy smoothies and mixed juices. With vegan alternatives like chia matcha pudding, homemade oat milk, and more.

Breakfast Menu

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The perfect place for a snack or light lunch at noon or in the afternoon / evening. With vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy options. Offering tacos, tostadas and ceviches, salads and fresh dishes from the sea.

Everything prepared in our kitchen at the moment with the freshest and the best quality ingredients, locally sourced.

Lunch & Dinner Menu

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Fresco’s has become a favorite in Tulum for weekend brunch, available from Friday to Sunday from 11am to 3pm offering different specials each week. Must-have brunch options like Eggs Benedict, Salmon Toast, and more. Every weekend, three different specials you can choose from. Pair your brunch with classic drinks like Mimosa, Kir Royal or one of our signature cocktails.

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