19 Oct 2017

Tortugas MarinasSea turtles are one of the oldest and most charismatic of all reptiles. For millions of years, these large, sea-faring, aquatic turtles have swam through the oceans and foraged for fish and jellyfish at colorful coral reefs. Despite spending most of the lives in the water, they still need to come to land to nest.
Since they are very sensitive to disturbance, sea turtles only nest at beaches with the right combination of soft sand, little human disturbance, and access to rich ocean habitats. One such precious stretch of beach is situated along the Riviera Maya between Akumaland Tulum.

The beautiful white sand beaches in this area fit the requirements needed by Loggerhead and Green Sea Turtles and when you stay at The Beach Tulum Hotel, you might even see them nest in front of the hotel! Although sea turtles can show up at any time of the year, the majority come to shore from May to October. Stay at our Tulum hotel during this window of time and you have a fair chance of spotting a big mother turtle come out of the water to scrape out a nest and lay her eggs.

The Beach TulumEvery nest of these endangered animals is of course very precious so conservation authorities flag each nest so we can avoid disturbing them. We also do our best to avoid disturbing the mother turtles when they come out of the water but you can actually swim with sea turtles a short 20 minute drive to the north at Akumal Beach.