Baggage for your winter holidays in Mexico

Mexico is the second-most visited country in North America after the U.S. and it’s main income comes from tourism, so be sure that you will have a wonderful vacation as Mexicans will treat you to their warm hospitality and will dazzle with their culture, history, traditions and folklore.

Mexico is a land of contrasts, it’s a huge and diverse country with almost all the possible scenarios: mountains, deserts, islands, beaches, Caribbean coastline, ancient cities, metropolis, small colonial towns, deep forests and humid jungles.

The temperature increases gradually from north to south and winters can be very cold, here are some examples:

Baja California, from a high of 79°F in September to a low of 40°F in February.

Mexico City with an average high of 79°F in August and an average low of 43°F in January.

Tulum, 62°F in January, to 92°F in August.

So before you pack your baggage for your winter holidays in Mexico, you should consider these 3 factors:

  • The climate of the destination you will visit
  • The activities and tours you want to book
  • The duration of your trip.

If you are travelling to a beach destination in Mexico or a colonial city, these are some things you must bring:

  1. Casual and comfortable clothing for the day, some nice dresses, long pants and shirts for a less informal dinner and non bulky winter wear. If you are visiting a metropolis or a colonial City more formal dress is the norm.
  2. If you are visiting a beach destination take lightweight clothing, a sheer sweater or jacket for the evening will be fine.
  3. Since you will be doing a lot of walking around during the day, you will need to bring very comfortable shoes.
  4. Bear in mind you will be more exposed to sunrays during your vacation, so bring a hat along with the sunscreen and mosquito repellant brands that work for you back home.
  5. Unlock the following Apps: Uber, Cabify, Google maps and if your Spanish is not very sharp, download a Translation App.
  6. Don’t bring heavy books, Kindle is the best option.
  7. Phones nowadays are used more as cameras than as communication devices and taking pictures makes batteries run low, so always carry a portable charger with you.
  8. Don’t bring excessive cash or flashy jewelry.
  9. Notify your bank of your travel plans so your CC is not blocked after your first purchase in a foreign country.
  10. Do not leave trash on the beaches, just leave footprints in the sand. The beaches of the coast are home to many species, among them sea turtles that come each year to lay their eggs.

The last advice for your winter holidays in Mexico would be this: come to Mexico with an open heart and mind, ready to learn and be amazed by its culture, Christmas festivities and traditions, bring a bit of patience, an adventurous spirit and a huge smile on your face.