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Mexico is an ideal place for a relaxant vacation as for party and the fun.

The Carnival takes place the week before Ash Wednesday (dates vary from year to year). The dates for Carnival 2013 are right around the same time as Valentine’s Day this year with activities between the date range of February15th to 21st.

One month before the Carnival’s days, the Queen of the carnival is elected, and from that moment Mexicans begin the preparations. The people start to embellishing the roads and making suits of every kind… And than the Mexican Carnival arrive!An explosion of lights, colors and music complete this country full of culture and traditions. Bands of all kinds play the infectious rhythms of Mexico.

The Mexico Carnival (or carnival in Spanish) is celebrated exuberantly with parades, floats, costumes, music and dancing in the streets. The roads are filled of magic, people are friendly and they all joking and singing together, laughing and dressing by garish and vivacious colors, toasting and celebrating the “Mexico Carnaval”!

Fireworks illuminate the sky of the Mexico creating even more a magic atmosphere! Delicious sweets of honey, cakes and typical foods of Mexico are on stands along the roads. So, is an amazing party, one of those parties that during the year make people fell good, happy and alive! Though celebrations vary by destination; the biggest Mexico Carnivals usually begin with the “Quema del Mal Humor”, or “Burning of ill humor” as a symbol of happiness and carefree during these days.

The biggest Carnival Mexico celebrations and the largest “fiestas” take place in Veracruz, Cozumel and Mazatlan, but other celebrations take place throughout the country.


Here below some suggestions and travel tips for the biggest Carnival spots in Mexico!


Colorful and lively, Veracruz lies on Mexico’s East Coast. Distinguished by its zest for life that is evident in dancing couples, music, and exuberant street activity, Veracruz is filled of happy people during the Carnival season, when many tourists and Mexican nationals flock to the city to join the fiesta!

No other parade or Carnival comes close to what the historic Port of Veracruz Mexico has done every year since 1923. Visitors pack the streets and Veracruz hotels, those without rooms live out of their cars… but are not your case….Reserve the Hotel in Veracruz and enjoy the Party!


Mazatlan, located in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, is now one of the major Mexico tourist destinations!

The Mazatlan Carnival began over 100 years ago becoming now in one of the world’s largest celebrations during the year, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists. Mazatlan is a marvelous Mexico destination full of nature, culture, splendid beaches! Mazatlan hotels and resorts has all the comfort for spend unforgettable Mexico vacations. Enjoy the Mazatlan’s Carnival, the most beautiful and happy party of the year!


It’s one of Mexico’s top scuba diving vacation destinations in Mexico, but is also home to one of the most popular Carnival celebrations in the Mexican Caribbean. It happens at the peak of high season when the weather is at its finest. As always it’s a delight to see the magnificent costumes, dancing and fun during the parades of Cozumel. From the room of your Cozumel Hotel you will heard a mixture of calypso, reggae, flamingo and pop music, each distinct but blending into a cultural mix like the people of Cozumel.

Children are a big part of the celebration, so if you are looking for a Mexico Family vacation, that’s the destination you were looking for.
Don’t miss Carnival 2013 during your next Mexico vacation! The Staff of our Tulum Hotel will be glad assist you in organizing everything.