The Beach Tulum

Fifteen years ago, Tulum was known as a backpacker’s paradise, with its hotel zone populated by rustic, sand floor cabanas with inexpensive nightly tariffs for the cash-strapped.

HippieWhile the area still draws the spiritually-minded and evokes a neo-hippie vibe, reimagined and revamped Tulum hotels now attract the world’s hippest and most chic travelers, including high-end foodies, supermodels, and celebrities.
Despite its new tony reputation, Tulum has managed to retain its laid-back atmosphere and “at-one-with-nature” heritage.


HippieUnparalleled natural beauty: Tulum’s wide, white-sand beaches and impossibly turquoise Caribbean Sea are among the world’s most gorgeous natural vistas. Lounging under Tulum beach’s majestic palm trees while being lulled to drowsiness by the lapping of waves is soul-restorative. It’s been said that just a few nights in Tulum is the equivalent of a few weeks relaxation elsewhere.

HippieHealth consciousness: Tulum hotel guests will find a wide variety of activities to care for both their physical and mental wellbeing. Beach walks, meditation, yoga, massage, and spa treatments–Tulum has it all.

HippieWorld-class restaurants: Foodies flock to Tulum not just for the beach, but also for the amazing international foodie renaissance occurring daily. Area restaurants procure the freshest localingredients and combine them with carefully chosen imported items to create unique and interesting dishes that will satisfy even the most worldly traveler. Slow food, wood-fired food, vegan, vegetarian, high-end, home-style comfort food, fancy food, Tulum boasts the best of the best.

HippieFashion: With a growing number of independent clothing and jewelry designers, Tulum is becoming known as a place where the fashion-conscious can pick up unique wardrobe elements to highlight their individuality and mark them as trendsetters.

Nightlife: Once a sleepy town where a setting sun marked the end of the day’s activities, Tulum’s hip beachfront lounges now offer music and events under the stars, with sophisticated decor combined with Tulum’s original rustic elements, combining to create a chic atmosphere where the young (and young at heart) and beautiful go to see and be seen.

While Tulum has changed, it has still managed to retain its relaxed feeling. Though hipsters have newly discovered Tulum, the hippies who originally flocked to Tulum will still find themselves welcome. The magic of Tulum is that no matter where you are from, you belong.