Canadian and American Thanksgiving Days marked the beginning of the long holiday season, but you have decided to jet down to Tulum for a relaxing respite just before the really hectic days of mid-December–good plan!

Make the most of your time by taking advantage of the wide range of interesting and unique shopping opportunities in Tulum and the Riviera Maya. Impress your friends and loved ones with thoughtfully-chosen, one-of-a-kind gifts from magical Tulum, Mexico.

    1. The BeachScarves or Shawls (rebozos): You’ll find a Scarves or Shawls of Mexicoplethora of knit or embroidered shawls and scarves, brought from other areas of Mexico.


    1. Handbags: Elaborately embroidered, brightly colored fabric handbags are perfect for those with a more bohemian taste, while well-made, high quality, tooled leather handbags from Central Mexico could delight even the most refined fashion sense.


    1. The BeachFabric Home Decor:Hand-embroidered, brilliant-hued pillowcases, Souvenirs of Tulum, Mexico tablecloths, table runners, and wall hangings will lend a vibrant jolt of color to a home.


    1. Jewelry: Mexico is known for its high-quality silver, so expect to find many lovely things in the stores, but Tulum also boasts a number of independent jewelry designers, for those looking for more customized, original, boutique jewelry.


    1. Beauty Products: You’ll find a number of shops carrying locally-sourced and made beauty products like handmade soaps, creams, lotions, and masks (such as Mayan Clay).


    1. Copal Incense: Easily packed, this heady-scented natural tree resin makes a great stocking stuffer. Many believe it has healing qualities and can ceremonially “cleanse” one’s space of negativity/evil.


    1. Honey: Yucatecan honey is among the world’s finest! A gift of this sweet treat will have your loved ones thinking of you with each spoonful they add to their tea.


    1. Mexican blankets: Beyond the very inexpensive, mass-produced souvenir blankets, you will find a number of beautiful, higher-quality throw blankets that come in handy in any household, particularly those with colder temperatures.


    1. Art prints or original art: Many wonderful artists call Tulum home. Support local creativity by purchasing an original work of art or art print that can be easily flat-packed and brought home.


  1. Warm Weather Attire/Gear: Tulum residents are lucky to live in year-round summer, but not everyone is so lucky. If you’ve got friends or family living in the frozen North who plan to go on vacation somewhere warm this winter, help them out by purchasing some of the warm-weather gear they’ll need, but can’t find at home this time of year. T-shirts, beach cover ups, bathing suits, beach bags, sunglasses, etc.