Tulum is the perfect mexican beach destination if you want to disconnect, re-boot and re-start. Tulum is considered a yoga haven and wellness oasis where your vacation can also serve as an opportunity to contact with yourself and nature while maintaining your healthy lifestyle. 

Even though Mexico is known for its impressive gastronomy based on meat, chicken and pork, Tulum has gotten up to date to the new health conscious tendencies and offers an array of vegan options along the beach strip and in the downtown area called “el pueblo” without leaving the “mexican touch” out of their culinary creations that will surely please and surprise the most demanding palates.

With delicious combinations of local delicacies like avocados, beans, corn, hibiscus flowers, pumpkin seeds, coconut, local zucchini, hot peppers and freshly prepared “salsas”, the possibilities are endless.

Your palate will enjoy a feast of flavors and textures in fearless and delicious compositions such as: mushroom ceviche, mango guacamole, leek cheese nachos, vegan burritos, vegan burgers, vegan tacos and tortas, healthy salad bowls, jamaica meat (made of hibuscus flowers), carrot bread, fried plantains, akai bowls and endless smoothie combinations.

Many restaurants and bars have also created their own signature cocktails. Just imagine the flavors awakening in your mouth after sipping on a funky matcha mojito, a fresh cucumber vodka or an elegant basil martini.

Most of the restaurants that serve regular foods have included vegan and vegetarian options on their menus. This is the case of http://www.ziggybeachtulum.com with their beautiful restaurant located right on the beach. Try their organic beet salad with orange supremes and guanabana/goat cheese dressing or the delicious vegan burger prepared with hydrated lentils and chia seeds.

Fresco’s, located on Tulum’s beach hotel strip has quickly become a favorite with locals and tourists alike. Everything is made fresh and locally sourced. They offer healthy breakfasts, tasty sandwiches, delicious tostadas, avocado toast, home baked bread and cakes, smoothies and freshly squeezed energy drinks http://www.frescostulum.com/

In downtown Tulum, or “el pueblo”, check out Café Hunab Ku, La Hoja Verde or Farm to Table in front of the ADO station.

If you happen to end up at a restaurant where vegan options are not available, always rely on mexican warmth and hospitality and ask for separate ingredients to be composed into a dish that suits your cravings. 

Now that you have learned that maintaining a vegan diet is extremely easy in Tulum, all you have to do is fly down here and enjoy.