Would you like to spend your honeymoon in a resort on Mexico’s Riviera Maya? This is a luxurious destination with all the amenities you would expect of a location in the Riviera Maya. There are hotels that have beautiful views of Cozumel Island. The Caribbean Sea is another aspect of the area. Fine dining with a choice of cuisine from Mexican to Asian is available.

The Riviera Maya is filled with the culture of the Maya, one of the oldest cultures known. The temples in this area are one of the places you will want to visit while you are here. The mystery of these ancient temples is a learning experience for those who want to know more about the history of this area of Mexico.

Riviera Maya is along the coast of the Caribbean on the Yucatan Peninsula. Visiting ancient Mayan cities still located here are one of the fantastic ways of learning about the history of this area. For example, Chichen Itza was a Mayan city that was founded in 445 BC. Although there were residents of this city until 1204 AD, something happened that caused the whole city to become abandoned. Activities abound with deep sea fishing, tennis, golf, horseback riding, snorkeling and mountain biking just to name a few. The honeymoon couple will have a variety of activities available while enjoying the beauty of the Riviera Maya.

I hope I have opened your eyes to the possibilities you have visiting Riviera Maya. I hope you enjoy your trip!

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