Musical Festivals In Tulum: The Good And The Bad

Tulum, Mexico is a tourist destination nestled between the exuberant tropical jungle, sacred Maya sinkholes, breathtaking archaeological sites and the beautiful Caribbean Sea. It has been known as the perfect paradise with a bohemian eco-chic and relaxing atmosphere, a place to reunite with nature and disconnect from the fast pace of life.

Tulum is also known for being an energy vortex, a place with a high energy field which is amplified by the nature that surrounds it. The ancient Maya used Tulum as a peregrination site and also built and astronomical observatory at the Archeological site of Tulum

These aspects, added to the natural wonders the area has to offer, has recently made Tulum a favorite spot for massive electronic music festivals, Ibiza style. As in life, there is always the good and the bad. There are people in favor of having these events in Tulum, and others against it. Maybe it’s a matter of points of view.

There are several music festivals that have taken place in Tulum and Playa del Carmen, the most popular one was the BPM (Beats Per Minute). It attracted large crowds of enthusiast music lovers, in search of a mystical, rhythmic and unique experience. EDM festivals (Electronic Dance Music) offer a mix of deep house, techno, electro, and other EDM genres and usually take place on the beach under a full moon or in the middle of the jungle. 

One of the most renowned music festivals in Tulum is called the Day Zero Festival and takes place in the jungle at Cenote dos Palmas

World famous DJs are invited as well as local performers, professional drummers, live artists, fire dancers and amazing circus acrobats. 

Music festival organizers tend to reduce or compensate the impact on nature and the environment. They usually promote recycling, reducing and reusing campaigns at their concerts. No single use glasses or plastic straws are allowed in these parties and in some cases, carbon emissions generated by flights of organizers and musicians are compensated by forestation programs.

Organizers also try to merge and respect the existing culture and traditions; one of way of doing is by inviting local Xamans to perform ancient rituals in order to show respect and to honor the Maya legacy and its ancestors. 

Diverse art, culture and musical events that take place at an ecological destination like Tulum, that lacks the infrastructure needed for large events such as parking areas, water supply, clean energy, etc. most likely will have a negative impact on the environment. Questions will always arise: Is Tulum the right place for these events? Is being in favor of them going against the soul and purpose of this beautiful destination? Is this a sign of “progress” and should we go with the flow? 

Even though many people come down to join these world famous musical events, Tulum is still a place where you can enjoy peace and quiet, there are lots of hotels that are far away from where these events take place. Or choose dates where no festivals are in town. So keep coming back to Tulum. Tulum is for all.

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