New year in Tulum, travel tips

Located in the southern Mexican state of Quintana Roo, Tulum offers great archaeological sites and natural wonders, including the longest underground river in the world and the 2nd largest coral reef barrier, not to mention its amazing beaches.

Tulum is an increasingly popular destination any time of year, with peak season during the winter months when tourists are looking for a warmer destination. The busiest week in the year is over New Year’s, when Tulum is chosen as the perfect Caribbean destination. There are many options if you are planning on spending New Year’s Eve in Tulum.

So here are some travel tips for you:

  1. As any other destination, airfare as well as lodging options increase their prices during this week, so it is safe to say you must plan your vacation ahead of time in order to get the best choice.
  • Tulum can be enjoyed during New Year’s Eve even if you are vacationing with your kids. Many hotels have their own New Year’s dinner parties, usually included in a package along with your hotel reservation.
  • You can book your New year’s eve dinner party at any restaurant you like, it will surely include a delicious dinner, music, fireworks and fun. If you are late and can’t find dinner reservations on the beach zone, try “el pueblo” or the downtown area, there are excellent restaurants where delicious menus and fun are guaranteed at more affordable rates.
  • Local traffic can be heavy on the beach road; if you hotel does not offer bikes, make sure you rent one so you can move around at your ease and without wasting too much time in the car.
  • If your mind is set on dining in specific popular restaurants, book them ahead or through your hotel concierge. However, not all restaurants take bookings so make sure you check in advance.
  • New Year’s Eve music festivals and live entertainment have become more popular in Tulum. Here are some of the most famous locations and parties to welcome the new year:

Papaya Playa Project New Year’s Eve Celebration.

An experience for all of your senses, it includes fine dining, live performers and live arts including circus and theatre shows “Las Vegas” style.  This event is very popular and has an excellent reputation, so buy your tickets ahead of time and get ready to party under the stars and until sunrise.

Zamna Tulum:  

This an eco village located outside of Tulum and is hosting this year’s Sound Tulum Music Festival, with live music shows starting on  December 28th 2019 and ending on January 8th 2020.

New year’s eve party for 2020 will have a live performance by German artist Paul Kalkbrenner as well as Agents of Time, Damain Lazarus, Diplo and Guy Gerber.

If you decide to turn in soon after midnight, January 1st will be a perfect time to enjoy many venues that will be pretty crowd free, as everyone else will be busy making up for lost sleep!

Whatever way you choose to celebrate the new year in Tulum, enjoy and respect its beautiful natural environment.