The eco-friendly concept for your vacation in Mexico

Tulum is the hidden gem of the Riviera Maya. It’s a natural destination for eco-conscious travelers that enjoy history, culture and nature, all in the same location.

Tulum is trendy, low key, chic and eclectic. It offers a mixture of colors, cultures, flavors and nationalities, all coexisting in harmony under one concept: a Mexican eco-friendly destination placed between the tropical jungle and the Caribbean Sea.

On the southern area of Tulum, you can find the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve with 780,000 acres of mangroves, lush jungle, endemic flora and fauna, beaches, lagoons, canals, archaeological sites and a coral barrier. It’s home for endemic fauna such as deer, turtles, iguanas and over 300 bird species.

Tulum provides plenty of opportunity to immerse yourself in the wilderness while being in constant contact with nature.

The Yucatan peninsula has around 6,000 cenotes (from the Mayan word “ts’ono’ot) which are natural fresh water holes located in the tropical jungle, surrounded by marvelous limestone caverns decorated with millions of stalagmites and stalactites. You will be amazed my the transparency of the water, its contrasting fresh temperature and the incredible emerald greens and turquoise blues reflected on their surface. Snorkeling and cave diving (if certified) are absolutely worth doing. You will be able to discover distinct fauna and flora (such as tiny blind fish) that have learned to live and adapt in this ecosystem.

The local government of Tulum, has been developing and approving plans for long-term solutions, while several hotels are making their own efforts to protect the environment. The Beach Tulum has managed to ban the use of single-use plastic in all rooms and amenities and are making their own efforts to preserve the ecosystem, by practicing recycling methods and helping reduce pollution and preserve this unique and trendy Mexican destination. They offer guests the free use of bikes to move around Tulum, combining a healthy lifestyle to less pollution.

Make sure you use eco-friendly sun block while going to the beach, diving, snorkeling or visiting the cenotes and keep the beaches free of plastic and cigarette butts. Hundreds of sea turtles come to nest in Tulum,  it is important that the beaches and ocean remain clean in order to preserve this beautiful species.

The cleanest beaches are not the ones that are cleaned constantly, but those which are preserved and taken care of by conscious locals and travelers. Let’s keep Tulum beautiful and clean.