The recent announcement of the opening of the bidding for the Riviera Maya International Airport contract is highly significant for Tulum real estate which, within Mexico MLS property listings, is currently one of the most promising up-and-coming real estate markets.

With some new high-profile, large-scale developments such as MayaZama and the neighboring Aldea Zama (a contemporary-rustic style village), Tulum MLS listings are showing many excellent land and property investment opportunities for buyers looking for a market that is still within reach of a smaller budget, but shows a great deal of potential for significant value increase.

The official announcement of the bidding for the Riviera Maya International Airport is a recent development which reflects the high level of confidence both the government and the private sector have in this market, which promise to have a profound affect on the Playa del Carmen Real Estate market as well.

The ex-President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, gave the announcement in mid-March indicating that the construction will require an investment of almost 300 million US, and will be able to serve up to 3 million passengers in its early stages. The president also informed that Tulum’s new airport will cover an area of over 3700 acres. Tulum’s new airport will be the first in Mexico to be built entirely through concessions to private investment.

The beginning of the bidding for the concession, which is scheduled to start in April, is a very significant step in the project which will bring very significant benefits to Tulum property buyers. The new airport will bring a large new influx of tourists, and generate a growing amount of international interest in Tulum’s MLS listings.

Those who buy land and other real estate before the airport advances to significantly have excellent of possibilities of seeing significant value increases in their property investment. Likewise, those who buy real estate for vacation or for retirement will see the conveniences and benefits that Tulum has to offer grow with the new interest from visitors and potential buyers alike.

The newly founded municipality of Tulum has already developed a integral urban growth plan to channel new growth to developing an outstanding lifestyle atmosphere.

The new airport in Tulum will also serve the Playa del Carmen Real Estate area, being the second international airport, after Cancun, to provide service to that city. While Tulum’s growth is expected to show a greater impact, Playa del Carmen’s more established real estate market will also see a renewal of emerging property investment opportunities.

The upcoming growth in Tulum comes at an ideal time when the Mexican economy is showing the strength to increase investment and opportunities in such locations. During the recession in 2009, it was expected that the Mexican economy would grow a maximum of 1.2% in 2010. Today the forecasts suggest that the Mexican economy will grow at least 4%, some predicting as much as 5.2%.

Tulum MLS listings promise to show further opportunities, and attract further investment from both the private sector and the federal government, which is investing a unprecedented 5% of the GDP into infrastructure construction. This compares to the average investment of less than 2% of the GDP in the 90s, and a bit less than 3% during the previous federal administration.

Tulum Real Estate by Hector Moreno has been working in Real Estate in the areas of Tulum, Akumal, Sian Kaan for nearly 6 years.

He is a certified realtor and owner/broker of Moreno Realty Associates.