Tulum, the Riviera Maya’s crowning jewel, has rapidly grown in popularity not just because of its stunning beaches, but also because of its reputation as a Mecca for those seeking spiritual and physical balance through Yoga and other health-restorative practices.

Yoga, the ancient Indian tradition, encompasses many different types of practice, all of which are designed to promote self-actualization and healing through peace of mind and connection with one’s true self. All along the beach road, visitors to the area will find Tulum hotels and independent yoga studios offering various yoga classes or even workshops/retreats for those in search of personal well-being. Yoga unites body and mind; many consider a regular Yoga practice to be not just an exercise program, but also a powerful form of meditation.

In addition to Tulum’s strong Yoga presence, tourists and locals alike can take good care of themselves by visiting one of the area’s many spas, for massage, body scrubs or wraps, and even spiritual chakra cleansings, reiki healing, or temazcal experiences. Most Tulum Massage therapists include organic, all natural massage oils or Mayan clay in their massages, and many therapists or spiritual healers incorporate into their services or ceremonies a traditional incense called Copal, an aromatic tree resin that was sacred to pre-Columbian Mesoamericans and is still important to many of today’s indigenous people in Mexico.

If you’re interested in aligning your chakras, getting in touch with your inner child, pampering yourself with massage or spa treatments, or simply want to perfect your down dog, reach out to the reception staff at The Beach Tulum Hotel they can get you on the road to wellness before you can say “Namaste”.