20 Oct 2017

Tulum, Mexico is a dream destination for many. The long stretch of white sandy beaches on the Riviera Maya is breathtaking. You can choose to simply enjoy the view or take advantage of the warm waters to take part in a myriad of activities. Notably, most travelers visit Tulum not only for the scenery, but also for cultural and culinary delights.

The Beach Tulum Gastronomy

Enjoying local delicacies is one way to enjoy a great holiday; however, this can be a problem if you travel to a destination that does not match your culinary tastes. Being a vegan in a destination that is popular for offering the best meat and seafood delicacies can be frustrating, to say the least. The question most vegan travelers ask is whether or not it is possible to eat “vegan” in Mexico, but what most travelers don’t know is that Mexico is one of the best places for a vegan to find a variety of healthy and delicious foods.


GuacamoleTulum hotels cater to their guests’ needs and if you are a vegan you will find dishes on the menu that you will enjoy. The question that most vegan travelers ask is whether it is possible to enjoy culinary delights in Mexico that will not interfere with their vegan state. What most travelers do not know is that Mexico is one of the best places for a vegan to find a variety of healthy and delicious foods. Tulum Hotelscater for the needs of their clients and if you are a vegan then it is possible to find something on the menu that you will enjoy.


Order indigenous food-remember that traditional Mexican food does not include a lot of meat. Before the Spanish conquest, their staple foods were beans, corn, and squash. Chefs in many Tulum hotels still include these ingredients on their menus, giving you the perfect opportunity to enjoy delicious, indigenous food.

Explain to the waiters in Tulum hotels that you are a vegan. Most big hotels have menus that can accommodate everyone. Waiters will advise you of the items on the menu that you can eat. Some restaurants even have specific vegan-friendly sections of the menu, to avoid any mistakes. People are very accommodating in Tulum–explaining your dietary preferences in advance can prevent your being caught in an awkward situation.


  • If you should find yourself in the unlikely situation in which you cannot find something vegan on the menu, you have two options:
    1. Ask if you can “cobble together” a special meal from several menu items, to avoid eating anything with meat or animal products.
    2. Ask if a certain dish can be prepared without meat or other animal products. If you are polite and show interest in the menu, a chef might enjoy the challenge of providing you with a tasty and vegan dish.

Tulum has numerous tourists each year and most of the hotels and restaurants are well prepared to accommodate the different tastes that guests might have. It is possible to not only survive in Tulum as a vegan, but to enjoy your holiday by discovering different culinary delights that can only be found in this destination.