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Cancellation Policy

We are a small hotel with just a few rooms and our cancellation policies are quite strict, as we have little or no chance of reselling rooms in case you cancel last minute. So if you wish to make changes in your travel plans, please let us know at your earliest convenience so we will not have to charge you! For individual reservations only. For group cancellations, please contact our booking office.

Travel Insurance: we strongly recommend our guests purchase a travel insurance to avoid incurring in last minute cancellation fees.

  1. In order for a cancellation to be valid, we need a written request by you, and written confirmation of cancellation by us. Cancellations made by phone are NOT valid.
  2. Cancellation fees as in your hotel confirmation and rate plan.
  3. In case of rescheduling,  room rates will be adjusted according to seasonal rates and new reservations. Not valid for group bookings.
  4. Any changes to your confirmed reservation must be sent by a written request to info@thebeach-tulum.com and must be confirmed by email from our reservation staff. Any changes requested after the first confirmation email are subject to the Hotel availability.
  5. For Group reservation please refer to your booking confirmation.
  6. Non refundable rates: no refund in case of cancellations of non refundable rates. If you think you might change your travel date, please choose a different rate plan or purchase Travel Insurance.
  7. In case of REFUND: Please note, for all prepaid reservations there is a $ 40 USD refund fee to be added to your cancellation amount in your confirmation.
  8. There are no refunds or credits for flight cancellations. Please see our recommendation for Travel Insurance to avoid any inconveniences with regards to flight delays or other situations. The Hotel will not be covering for any monetary loss due to the above.  For an option for US citizens, please check details here.
  9. No refunds are issued for checking out before agreed date or no shows. In the event a credit is issued, our booking office will email you validity and restrictions.